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How Does Human Hair Grow?

Hair Grow

Human hair Grow

Roots or follicles produce hair on the head and elsewhere on the body. The hair begins to grow from the root or follicle. As it progresses, it pushes up the hair above it. It stops once it reaches a certain length—especially leg or chest hair. The head, however, is different. The hair on top of the head (for men and women) and the beard (for men) continues to grow more and without threshold, though that growth may slow down over time.

In order to grow, the hair needs many compositions including:

  • Keratin, a protein cells to create the hair itself
  • Blood brings Oxygen and nutrients via nerves to the root.
  • Sebum/ Oil to keep the hair shiny, soft, pliable, and safe from breakage
  • Growth Factor which stimulates hair to continue growing from the follicle.
  • Primary and secondary Growing or productive follicles

Without these, hair growth slows, thins, and eventually stops entirely.

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