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Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Noida | A Painless Solution at Reforms Clinic

Laser Hair Removal Procedure at Reforms Clinic, Dr. Raja Bhattacharya, Leading Dermatologist, Full Body Laser Hair Removal Package Offers

Who does not want to look smart?

However, unwanted body hair is an obstacle for both men and women. Removing unwanted hair can be very painful when it comes to waxing or nicks from shaving. Laser hair removal has many advantages and can be used in almost all body parts.

Full body laser hair removal in Noida / Delhi is the most popular & most preferred cosmetic procedure and is the best alternative to shaving and waxing. Laser hair removal is popular for its convenience, affordability, and ability to quickly achieve smooth & hair-free skin. Full body Laser Hair Removal Costs in Delhi / Noida vary based on factors like hair density and skin type.


What is full body laser hair removal?

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Full body hair removal is gaining popularity amongst all age groups both men & women. When you choose a comprehensive package, the dermatologist will carefully assess different body areas like the face, upper torso, abdomen, chest, bikini line, and limbs. The number of sessions needed for effective hair removal is advised by categorising these sections.


Which body parts are normally covered under full body laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal works on almost all parts of your body. Although, the results vary from person to person because of the different skin types and hair thickness.


What is included in a full body laser hair removal package?

A full body laser hair removal package covers nearly all body areas, with a few exceptions for safety reasons, such as the bony ridge of the eye socket. Typically, we categorize the body parts as follows:

Upper Body: It includes the Face, Neck, Upper Lip, Chin, Jawline and Shoulders.

Middle Body: It includes Chest, Back, Arms, Underarms, Abdomen & Areola.

Bikini: Bikini Line & Private Parts

Lower Body: Legs, Buttocks, and Feet


Top 5 benefits of laser hair removal

Speedy & Efficient Process: Laser hair removal stands out as the swiftest and most precise method for eliminating unwanted hair. Each session lasts a few minutes still ensuring quick results.

Almost Painless: The sensation during laser hair removal is akin to a gentle snap of a rubber band against the skin, making the process virtually painless.

Long-Term Results: Experience enduring, permanent outcomes, and a consistent reduction in hair growth right from the initial session, providing a lasting solution to unwanted hair.

Versatile Applications: Laser hair removal is versatile and can be applied to any part of the body, excluding the eyelashes. It proves highly effective even in challenging areas such as the bikini region and the back.

Elimination of Ingrown Hairs: Opting for laser hair removal is an excellent choice if you frequently contend with ingrown hairs, offering a solution to prevent their re-occurrence.


The five most common types of laser hair removal technologies:  

When it comes to laser hair removal technologies, there are many options. The five most common types of hair removal laser systems include: 

  • Ruby Laser 
  • Alexandrite Laser 
  • Diode Laser 
  • Nd: YAG Laser & 
  • IPL (Intense pulse light) Laser 

To understand each technology better, it is important to be aware of the four parameters that play a significant role in the effectiveness of treatment: 

  • Wavelength  
  • Pulse Width 
  • Spot size  
  • Fluence  


Cost of laser hair removal across major cities in India

Delhi 1,000 – 1,20,000
Mumbai 1,500 – 1,50,000
Bangalore 1,500 – 1,50,000
Chennai 1,300 – 80,000
Kolkata 1,100 – 80,000
Hyderabad 1,200 – 90,000

The average laser hair removal cost in India by body part:

Body part  Regions covered  Price Per Session in INR 
Upper Body Face, Neck, Upper Lip, Chin, Jawline and shoulders  1500- 9000
Middle Body Chest, Back, Arms, Underarms, Abdomen & Areola 2500- 9000
Bikini Bikini Line & Private Parts 3000 – 7500
Lower Body Legs, Buttocks, and Feet 7500-15000
Full body All the above body parts 1,00,000- 1,50,000

What does full body laser hair removal cost in Noida / Delhi?

The cost of full body laser hair removal in Delhi / Noida varies based on the treatment area, ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per session. Achieving optimal results typically requires six to ten sessions.

There are several factors contribute to the overall cost of Full Body Laser Hair Removal:

Surface Area: Larger areas like the back, thighs, chest, or full-body require more time and incur higher costs.

Cost per Session: The charges are normally per session, and a higher number of sessions results in increased total costs.

Skin Type: India’s diverse skin types require customized lasers, adding an extra cost to the Laser Hair Treatment.

Hair Type: Dense and thick hair demands more time and advanced techniques of Laser Hair Removal than lighter, finer hair.

Clinic Location: Treatment costs vary with the clinic’s location, with metropolitan areas incurring higher expenses due to higher running costs. But these are better equipped with the latest technology and techniques.

Expertise: Qualified professionals cost a bit more, but quality results are ensured. So, one must select the experts for Laser Hair Removal.

How many laser hair removal sessions are needed?

The number of laser hair removal sessions depends on several factors:

Treatment Area: The size of the body area being treated influences the number of sessions.

Hair Growth Nature: Factors like hair growth intensity and type contribute to the session count.

Hair Type: The nature and thickness of hair play a role in determining the optimal number of sessions.

Skin Type (Fitzpatrick Scale): Skin types, categorized from I to VI, impact the treatment plan.

Contrast Between Skin and Hair Colour: The contrast between skin and hair colour influences the effectiveness of each session.

Since hairs are in various phases of the growth cycle, targeting all in a single session is impractical. Multiple sessions ensure effective coverage of hair in the anagen phase, enhancing the overall efficiency of laser hair removal for prolonged smooth skin.


Approximate number of sessions needed for laser hair removal by body parts:

Body part  No of sessions
Face 4-6 sessions
Arms 3-4 sessions
Bikini 4-8 sessions
Legs 4-5 sessions
Full body  6-10 sessions 

What to expect during a laser hair removal session?

A laser hair removal session involves the use of concentrated light beams to target hair follicles, preventing future hair growth. Here’s what you can anticipate during the Laser Hair Removal procedure:

Consultation: The session begins with an expert consultation, where your skin type and hair colour are assessed to customize the treatment to your specific needs.

Preparation: Before the LHR procedure, the treatment area is cleaned, and you may receive protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser.

Application of Gel: A cooling gel is applied to the skin to enhance the effectiveness of the laser and ensure your comfort during the session.

Laser Pulses: The laser emits pulses of light, targeting the hair follicles. You may feel a mild stinging or tingling sensation, but the procedure is generally well-tolerated.

Post-Treatment Care: After the session, you may experience temporary redness or swelling, but this typically subsides quickly. It’s essential to follow post-treatment care instructions provided by your dermatologist.

Results: While immediate hair loss is not expected, you’ll notice a gradual reduction in hair growth over subsequent sessions. Multiple sessions are usually required for optimal results.

By understanding the steps involved, you can approach your laser hair removal session with confidence, knowing
what to expect at each stage of the process.


Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal employs targeted pulses of light energy to eliminate hair growth from the root, providing a procedure with high speed and precision. The results are notably long-lasting. Results also depend on hair growth, hair density, your skin type, and the contrast between your skin and hair colour. Your dermatologist will determine the most suitable laser type for optimal and lasting results.

Post-laser treatments, hair growth slows down, and density decreases progressively. The effectiveness of laser hair removal is a gradual process, depending on the number of sessions that are typically spaced over 2-4 weeks.


Laser hair removal before & aftercareBefore and After Results of Laser Hair Removal

One should follow the following points to get optimal results:

⦁ One must not use any skin care products on the day of the procedure.

⦁ Avoid sun exposure for at least 3 days before your treatment session.

⦁ Do not wax, thread, or tweeze for at least four weeks before treatment.

⦁ In the first 24 hours post-treatment, avoid applying any lotion, makeup or deodorant on the skin.

At Reforms Clinic, we offer treatments with the best laser hair removal cost in Noida / Delhi NCR.


Points to consider when selecting a laser hair removal clinic in Noida / Delhi NCR:

  • Ensure you choose a reputable clinic where qualified dermatologists perform the procedure.
  • Be fully aware of all costs involved, including consultation, treatment, and aftercare.
  • Enquire if any package prices are available that could lower the overall expense of Laser Hair Removal.
  • One must not compromise on quality for cost considerations. Doing so may risk causing more damage to your skin.

  • Seek information about maintenance costs and get a clear understanding of the laser hair removal cost. 


Why should one choose Reforms Clinic – the top laser hair removal clinic in Noida & Delhi NCR?

Reforms Clinic, Noida stands out as the premier laser hair removal clinic in Noida and Delhi NCR for several reasons:

⦁ The skilled experts at Reforms Clinic execute laser hair removal procedures with exceptional precision.

⦁ A thorough examination of your skin type is conducted, and the most suitable method is carefully chosen for you.

⦁ With over 10 years of experience specifically addressing aesthetic concerns related to Indian skin, Reforms Clinic possesses unparalleled expertise.

⦁ Reforms Clinic adopts the latest standard of care in laser therapy, ensuring top-notch service quality.

⦁ Our track record of delivering high-quality results is a testament to our industry knowledge and global expertise accumulated over the years.

⦁ Please go through our Google Business Reviews to get a first-hand insight into the experience of our patients.
We, at Reforms Clinic, offer highly attractive packages to make the procedure more accessible and cost-effective.




Primarily people will start noticing their hair fall within three to five days after their laser removal session. The number of sessions required depends upon your skin type, hair colour and thickness. The darker the hair colour and the lighter the skin, the fewer sessions will be needed. Multiple sessions are needed to target the hair follicles during the growth stage, and most patients need about four to six treatments to see permanent and long-lasting results. After the procedure, touch-ups may also be needed over time, and patients should see outcomes after the first treatment. They will experience hair growth that is finer and weaker than before, and the skin will also become smoother. With every session, results will become more noticeable and impressive. Sessions will be required until hair follicles are destroyed successfully, stopping continuous hair growth. 


However, laser hair treatment is usually safe and effective for most people, and only an experienced dermatologist should perform the process. The treatment does not guarantee permanent hair removal as some hair could be resistant to the laser treatment and can grow after treatment. But the difference would be that the new hair might be finer and lighter in colour. 

Some possible side effects or risks involved in laser hair removal include:  

  • Mild swelling around the hair follicles 
  • Pigment change may occur in people with darker skin, but it is temporary and will go. 
  • Slight redness on the area of the skin where treatment is done. 
  • Temporary irritation can lead to blister, crusting, scarring or any other change in skin texture. 
  • Experienced and best dermatologists always discuss these risks or side effects before you consent to the procedure; you need to address all your queries with your laser hair removal doctor.  

How much does it cost to use laser hair removal? 

The laser hair removal cost in Delhi ranges from about Rs 1300 to Rs 3700 per session. Multiple factors that make up the cost of laser hair removal need to be taken into consideration. Some of these factors are the Surface area of the treatment, Location of the clinic, Type of laser used, Amount of hair that needs to be removed, Number of sessions required for treatment, skin type, and Colour of the hair. 

How expensive is laser hair removal in India? 

Hair removal cost is per session, and it may vary from Rs 1500 to Rs 10000 per session, and the number of sessions required ranges from 4 to 12 depending on the body area, skin type, hair growth, type of laser, your individualized response, etc. 

What is laser hair removal cost for the face? 

The cost of laser hair removal for the face ranges from Rs 2400 to Rs 6200. The areas treated include Forehead, Nose, Chin, Sideburns, Lip, Cheek, Ears, and Jaw. 

How much does laser hair removal cost the full body? 

Laser hair removal is a procedure that targets the hair follicles, which destroys the hair’s roots and helps them stop their growth. Full-body laser hair removal costs vary and depend upon various factors, including the area of treatment, the number of sessions needed, skin colour, the experience of the doctor, and the region where the clinic is located. Royal Lush Chair skin costs are affordable and offer excellent results. 

Can a laser remove body hair permanently? 

Laser hair removal is a procedure by heating the hair follicles to stop new hair from growing. However, it does not guarantee permanent body hair removal as the air grows back and is much lighter, finer, and smaller in number. However, the procedure is considered permanent, but it only reduces the number of unwanted hairs in a specific area and does not get rid of the hairs completely. Laser hair removal cost in India also varies from city to city and person to person; thus, it is best to talk to your dermatologist about the procedure. 

How much does an all-body laser cost? 

Laser hair removal cost for the full body in India ranges from Rs 20000 to Rs 25000 per session, and expert doctors recommend at least six sessions to attain desired outcomes. The cost varies from person to person as it depends on many factors, and the average price is based on clinics that prevail in major cities in India. Factors that affect the price of laser hair removal are hair density, number of sessions, hair texture, skin type, and skin condition. 

What is laser hair removal cost in India for the face? 

Laser hair removal cost in India for the face is a popular procedure is around Rs 3500 to Rs 8000 per session and depends upon many factors. It generally takes about two to three weeks after the first session to see changes, and the complete result will be seen after the entire session. 

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