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Korean Glass Skin

Korean Glass Skin Care in Noida

In our clinic, we offer a great range of skin brightening treatments and skin-lightening treatments that can help you regain a fresher-looking appearance. You can find the detailed list below:

korean glass skin
korean glass skin
korean glass skin

Medifacials – A medi-facial is a medical-grade facial that is used to treat certain skin conditions and it is generally considered safe for every type of skin. Medi-facials involve the use of various devices and multiple constituents like peel, microdermabrasion, Photo rejuvenation LED therapy, microcurrents, and the like. They are more effective than normal spa facials because they can deeply penetrate the skin. This gives you results that last longer.

Chemical Peels β€“ Chemical peels are used to remove the upper layer of your skin, so a healthier and smoother layer can regrow. This treatment works best for people who want to fix the discoloration of their face. However, chemical peels may not be the right course of treatment for you if you have used certain medications during the last few months, have a darker complexion, have skin pigmentations that are abnormal, have a history of cold sore outbreaks, or if you have overgrown scar tissues in the targeted areas. The result may vary from patient to patient and the depth of skin peeling. We undertake a detailed skin examination helps to determine each patient’s health and determine the best peel type for them, to ensure maximum effect and least irritation or discomfort.